Different Features of Our Efficient Screening Machines

Date: 7/5/2014 5:31:51 PM

CME Machinery is famous not only for crushers and grinders, but we are also a leading supplier in China for the screeners or the screening equipment. Our trommel screen and high frequency screen are both best sellers in the market for many years. Here we will introduce different features of the two machines.

screening machines

The trommel screen made up of electric motor, reducer, trommel device, main frame, sealing cap, feeding and discharging ports has the following characteristics:

1. The trommel screen adopts the trommel transportation principle which features the little friction coefficient, rare blocking problems of the screen holes and high screening efficiency; the trommel support adopts the complete axis structure which makes it run reliably without vibration and noise.

2. The interior trommel screen net uses the separating design with simple structure which makes it easy to be replaced and maintained; the trommel adopts the effective and complete sealing structure which is clean and raises no dust.

The high frequency screen made up of vibrator, pulp distributor, screen frame, main rack, suspended spring and screen net also own many features:

1. The screen’s installation angle can be adjusted and the leaning angle can also be adjusted according to the mineral particle size. When the leaning angle approaches 55 degree, the particle fineness of the minerals can reach 300 mesh and the screening efficiency can reach 75%.

2. The high frequency screen has the energy saving feature; the power of the single exciter is .015kW. The commonly applied 2420 type magnetic high frequency screen consumes less than 1.2kW for each machine.